Saturday, December 26, 2009


I like to believe that I am a very rational and open-minded person. I spend hours reading news on the net and newspaper through the day. Though this has increased my knowledge of world affairs, reading just one side of the stories (mostly they are the views held in my own country i.e. India), I think I may have started developing narrow minded views on many topics. I realised this when I found out, that in the editorial page of my newspaper, I had stopped reading the counter view, the one that I do not agree with. You guessed it right, I read the times of India.

I have always believed that the greatest and most difficult to achieve virtue for anyone, is to be perfectly impartial, and develop an opinion, without any prejudice.

I realised that if I analyse what I read in the newspaper and see on TV, and note down my viewpoint, as well as try to imagine the counter view, I might become more open to others' views, and maybe adapt mine for the better.

So, this blog will be like my journal, only that, here I will have unknown people, comment on and thus enrich my personality.

In the following posts, you will find me arguing with myself over both recent and past issues that appeal to me, and in this debate, you are most welcome to participate.