Friday, October 1, 2010

Not a party person...

After spending 3 years at the college, it will come as a surprise to many people that I have attended a total of 4 parties in the last three years, 2 of which were school affairs.

I feel helpless while formulating a valid reason to not attand a party. Not only do I have to make sure that the person concerned does not imagine apparent contempt towards their achievement from me, but also that the reason seems reasonable enough.

Having said that, it is my humble appeal to all my friends that I do not need a party for an excuse to feel happy about your achievement, I already am, and I sincerely hope that all of you succeed in your respective lives. So, please be understanding when I quite unceremoniously or bluntly tell you that I won't attend your job or b'day treat. Nor do I feel the need to throw an exorbitant party, just to make you feel good about my accomplishment. So, if I ever do give a party, it will be a decidedly small affair, most probably in the eternally cheap canteen.

If it is of interest to you, when I was young, I used to celebrate my b'day 3-4 times a year, as a one year wait seemed a bit too long to me. But over the years, I have transitioned into a completely different person. I am uncomfortable in very large gatherings (more than 8-9 people) as it becomes difficult to process all that information at one go. I do not generally dance in large crowds(I do not think of it as dance, some people just keep on jumping at a single spot, while others make wierd gestures with their limbs). So, logically speaking there is not much for me to do at a party.

The following lines may sound as if coming from an obnoxious person and a protectionist economist. I am sure most of my friends will not agree with most of the stuff, as they hold emotional value in much high regard over anything materialistic. But this is a no holds barred narrative, so bear with me. And for the record, I am a supporter of free market economy.

I feel that partying is the most inefficient way of splurging hard-earned money. It does not involve possession of any hard commodity so it does not have any intrinsic physical value. Though I agree, it does fuel demand for the ever-expanding Hospitality industry, I would rather prefer Foreign income in the form of Tourism instead of recirculation of Domestic currency. This may sound protectionist as it invariably supports a decrease in economic activity, and a higher savings rate, these are my real views on the phenomenon of partying.

I am also sceptical (as is my favourite screen character Mr. Sheldon Cooper) of the institution of Gift giving. Not only is it a tedious and wasteful enterprise, it involves careful analysis of the physical and emotional needs of a person better understood by the individual himself. So, I would prefer if instead of spending on a party, you would spend your money on something that you hope to buy for yourself some day.

That being said, do party hard. You have my best wishes!!!


  1. Finally I have someone who thinks on lines similar to mine :)
    Though I am not one of those who will not go to parties (if allowed ;)), But yes I prefer very less of them, though a quite dinner with friends is gala time for me.
    About dance floor, dude we are dancers and I surely can understand your concern for floor space available :P

  2. Thanks dear, we all know that awesome dudes think alike!!!

  3. even i was not a party person before i entered coll . i never gave any birthday party or so and hardly attended any. tough i have changed in that respect and have significantly started participating in bithday's and job treat. even today like u i dnt find the idea of dancing close to my heart.
    but wn the ques comes to attending job treats and birthday parties ,i would like to tell u my dear friend that i to dnt feel comfortable der and focuss only on my food.becoz u can handle till 8-9 ppl but i cant do with more than 2 or 3.
    though i many times get bored there but even then i go their try to enjoy not for me but to make the host happy. thoese who call u they want u to be a part of their happiness u may not enjoy the party but they enjoy ur presence so u should do it for them ..after all life is not always abt u alone ....its also abt thoese who dont want u to be alone.
    so my request to u do attend on nxt invitation.