Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An Ode to a dear friend...

I have had many friends in the two decades of my life, but one friend stands out, more so because this friendship has stood the test of time, of irregular and uncertain communication, and yet, prospered.

Our fathers who were batch mates during their engineering days are the reason that we became friends, but our friendship endured only due to our own efforts and respective awesome personalities. I think the main reasons behind it are our extremely happy childhood memories. My earliest memories of Vyom are from our birthday parties. Those were carefree days, we would reach the other's home earlier with family, still remember playing video game at his home, as I remember it, he had quite a collection of video game cassettes, which I envy to this day. During the party, we would dance our way to the end, and after the party was over, we opened all the presents together.

Awesome fight sequence...

Thanda thanda pani...

Dancing into the night...

The Demi-dude saluting the Dudiest dude...

After all those few happy years, Vyom goes off to Assam, and that is when communication breaks off completely, for years together. The next time we met, our lives had completely changed. Now, all discussions at home were about studies, IIT, AIEEE; but that did not deter us. I do not remember us ever talking about that stuff. When we met, we would talk about everything but studies.

And that is how it has been for a very long time, we meet in intervals of 1-2 years, bond with each other, and our friendship endures. The last time we met, at 12 in the midnight, all we did for the next three hours was watch and exchange movies (From what I remember we saw Shaolin Soccer and Balls of Fury that night), play games, and then, went to sleep at 3 in the morning.

And now, our relationship has evolved as Net Buddies, as we go about terrorising our unassuming friends into submitting before the sheer awesomeness of our camaraderie.

Now, that he has joined Cognizant in Pune, and I am all set to join Linde in Vadodara, it doesn’t seem that the boundary conditions in this case are about to change anytime soon. Though we constantly keep in touch with each other through the internet, it does seem that our constantly irregular communication is the only thing on which our friendship rests even in the foreseeable future.

Note: You can find the Demi-Dude at : http://demi-dudes.blogspot.com/


  1. Thanks Bro :)
    and as far my memory tells me, it was you who had more collection of video cassetes than me :P

    hehe..and yeah our next unassuming target is juhi :)

  2. Lovely.... I wish this friendship grows like this... and i knw i m one of those 'Unassuming' friends!! Ur writing is superb... kudos!!