Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Power He Didn't Have A Freaking Idea Of-Part I

Disclaimer: Its just for laughs folks! And yeah, I have absolutely no rights over Harry Potter, I am just borrowing him from Rowling (without taking permission, of course) to serve my nefarious purposes. I hope she has a large heart. :D

The Power Of Propaganda

He stood at the edge of the cliff looking down at the great abyss before him with a sad smile on his face. The greatest Dark Lord the world had ever known ready to jump to his death. That Skeeter woman would die out of sheer excitement if she got wind of this...How did it come to this you may ask...

Well, it all started one evening at that godforsaken place called the Gryffindor Common Room, a place where young kids with no particular mental faculties or physical strength for that matter, plotted against and influenced the seats of power in the Wizarding world at the end of the day’s lessons. A place where grand complicated schemes were hatched to keep him away from absolute power over the wizarding world.

It was one such day...

The trio sat in their usual chairs near the fireplace.

Since, Harry Potter had told her of the prophesy, Hermione Granger, the brainy maniac girl had been searching for ways to help her friend vanquish the Dark Lord while Ron Weasly, the mentally deficient but otherwise loyal friend indulged in a game of Wizard Chess with The Boy Who Lived.

"The Power He Knows NOT! Now, we all know that You Know Who is an expert at absolutely everything even remotely related to magic, then such a power needs to be unconventional like something from the muggle world." lectured Hermione, more to herself than to the others.

"It is not necessary that he knows everything related to magic, Hermione. He only understands evil, dark things. I think, we need the power of Love to kill him once and for all. Remember, that’s what Dumbledore told me in our First year", countered Harry passionately.

"Grow up Harry! Are you going to spike his drink with a love potion and try kissing him?, There are no such things like Love or Hate magic. she said sarcastically.

"Actually that could work" said Ron sincerely.

Hermione silenced Ron with a glare.

“I was going through the muggle newspapers and something just caught my eye. I think I know just the power. The Power of Media Propaganda."

“Do you know the reason for Voldemort's success and why nobody until now has been able to defeat him?”, questioned Hermione as if expecting some brilliant insight from the two chimps.

"He is immortal and very powerful?” asked Harry.

“Not to mention extremely scary”, added Ron.

“No. It is because a large chunk of the Wizarding population, though afraid of him still roots for his cause. Even with all of his tremendous power he couldn't have achieved such distinction if he did not have people who believed in his ideology. By making the pure bloods who form a significant portion of the Wizarding population feel victimized, he provides them with a cause that they identify with and which makes them rally around him.

"So, what do we do", asked Harry.

"We need to spread false propaganda against him, that will make his supporters detest him."

"Now, we know for a fact that Voldemort is a half blood, so he does have a muggle connection, a fact not widely known or talked about. If we are able to resurrect his muggle lineage and show him as sympathetic towards muggles, he would be exposed as a bigot, and his supporters will begin to desert him", lectured Hermione.

“But how shall we connect him to the muggle world? He hates muggles!”, countered Ron.

"We don't need just any muggle. We need the most controversial one. I was just going through some muggle newspapers when I got this idea, though it is pretty complex. There is a muggle politician in India who is an extremely divisive figure. Anyone who has ever been associated with him is trashed by the media and loses his credibility overnight. Now if we want to discredit You Know Who, we need to do it in a grand way. If we can somehow associate You Know Who with Narendra Modi, we might get the Wizarding media to rally against You know who", answered Hermione.

"Okay, Hermione, but how do we do it. What person in his right mind would want to associate with such an evil. How will we even contact him?", asked Harry.


After half an hour, the girl came back with a wide grin.

"MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! I secured an appointment with him; we are going to meet him next week. I just mailed his office from the Muggle Studies laboratory and told him that we are a business delegation from Great Britain and wanted to invest in his state", she said happily.


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