Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Power He Didn't Have A Freaking Idea Of: Part III

The Media Trial

I guess none of you are stupid enough to believe that I own the Harry Potter franchise, or to take this seriously, or get offended. :D

“Hey, Luna. I have something for you that could make a great piece of news for the Quibbler”.

The photo-coup with Narendra Modi didn’t quite come out like the bang that Hermione expected. Even after 2 days of having received an anonymous owl with a pic of the Dark Lord shaking hands with a muggle, there hadn’t been a single mention of the story in any of the Wizarding newspapers or magazines. Hence, the desperation.

“Okay, thanks Hermione. I shall see if we can put this in Quibbler’s next edition”, said Luna to Hermione taking the photograph.

“But this is BIG news! What more do you want to see?”

“Hermione, you are my friend; But Quibbler has had a long tradition of adhering to the highest of the Journalistic standards. I shall check the veracity of this news, and only after investigating this in detail can I think about taking it to the wizarding world.”

And thus, having duly performed its journalistic duties, it all started with the Quibbler. Though it was way off the mark, reporting about how You Know Who had visited the Indian state of Gujarat apparently looking for a new pet to replace his long-standing reptilian friend Nagini; it did get some attention.

The very next day, Rita Skeeter of The Daily Prophet came out with her latest bid at Investigative Journalism.

                                                              The Daily Prophet



-Rita Skeeter

In an interesting development, You Know Who was reported to have held a meeting with his muggle counterpart in India. Narendra Modi, widely feared in the muggle world for his alleged atrocities was called upon by You Know Who earlier this week. The two Dark Lords are said to have interacted on a range of issues including the possibility of an alliance in the near future.

Our muggle expert tells that this alliance could indeed have far reaching implications for You Know Who, the reigning European Dark Lord.

According to our sources in India, Mr. Modi, a controversial figure in the sub-continent's politics, has been running an enormously successful administration for the past decade and could give a tremendous boost to the Dark Lord’s campaign by funding his activities, which of late have been found lacking in intensity compared to his last stint as Dark Lord.

From her talks with colleagues in India, our correspondent gathers that not unlike You Know Who, Muggle opposition rarely dares speak Mr. Modi's name out loud, almost always talking cryptically in third person while referring to Narendra Modi. Various sources allege (but it has never been verified) that the muggle dark lord single-handedly executed 2000 muggles within a span of three days!)

However, Mr. Modi's fortunes seem to have taken a sharp turn with his economic agenda and near flawless administrative skills at display since the last ten ears.

In the words of our Muggle expert," What Mr. Modi has to deal with are just unsubstantiated allegations, but You Know Who has waged an enduring war on the British Wizarding World, and committed war crimes that are substantiated by documentary evidence. So, it is not the same case. 

You Know Who has until now been seen as more of a terrorist than a political leader. But, if he is able to take a leaf out of Mr. Modi's book, even though he may upset the support of radicals, he might present an alternative governance model that is efficient, effective, reduces unemployment numbers, and is more on substance and less on rhetoric, and this model stands a fair chance compared to that administered by Cornelius Fudge. And this might bring him the swing vote, if he does stand for an election like Mr. Modi."

However, this could also spell trouble for You Know Who. Experts tell us that until now, the Dark Lord has taken great care to ensure that he is seen to be against the muggle way of life; which ensures a steady support from the Wizarding radicals and conservatives. But with the possibility of this new-found muggle alliance along with the rumours circulating around the circuit that the Dark Lord himself is a half-blood (born to a muggle father); his supporters might abandon him, leaving his campaign in a virtual quagmire.

Reacting to this new development, Lucius Malfoy, Chairman of Malfoy Co., well known pure blood rights activist and Dark Lord sympathiser expressed shock and disappointment, over a brief conversation with The Daily Prophet.

“Let me clear one thing. I only support You Know Who’s cause and not his methods. But this indeed is disturbing news. This new development exposes his duplicity. How can the Dark Lord champion for Pure blood rights, when he is seen associating with suspect elements from the Muggle world! Why does he have to associate with a person who is feared by his own people, the muggles themselves? The wizarding community shall not take this lightly and I strongly condemn this alliance.

Moreover, the recent rumours regarding his muggle parentage show that his entire campaign is based on a lie, a falsehood of him being a pure blood, and as such his intentions towards the future of the wizarding world indeed seem suspect.”

It remains to be seen how the events unfold. However, one thing is certain. The entry of Muggle Modi has given a new dimension to the European power struggle, at least the wizarding one.

Early risers at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would in a few minutes of delivery of the daily owls carrying news, hear a distinct, high-pitched, menacing evil laughter emanating from the Gryffindor table.

Hermione was giddy. Her plan was working.