Thursday, January 23, 2014

Aam Admi Party: The Justice League of Indian Politics

The Aam Admi Party is like the Justice League in the Indian political landscape; a loose collection of masked crusaders and caped vigilantes out to fight evil.

Obviously, when you are a part of such an iconic group, you automatically wish to stand out.

Now, the Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman are fairly safe with their awesome superpowers. They enjoy a constant, enviable fan-following. Even Green Lantern and Flash make do.

But life gets difficult for people like Aquaman and Green Arrow.

These lesser vigilantes, being the vast silent majority of the Justice League, find it hard to find suitable villains (in quantity and quality) on a daily basis, and fearing getting lost in the din, in their restlessness, they have to make do with random law enforcement officers or even non-entities like the broader scheme of things.

Afterall, what upcoming villain would want to go down in front of Aquaman in his maiden fight? Going down against Superman shall at least bring in some notoriety and recognition.

At times, they must resort to gimmicks to gain publicity. 

Moreover, being vigilantes, they see everything in Black and White; so basically, you are either a ''Guardian of the City'' like them, or you ought to have done something wrong somewhere, and you're gonna pay for it big time!

The best way to live in such a city is to move around in a cape yourself...

In the Indian scenario, that cape is the Aam Admi cap, the traditional Jhadu serving as the weapon of choice...

So, support AAP, be a Hero!

Note: All images have been procured from Google search results without taking proper permissions. Just for your information :D

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