An Intro to the Almighty Author...

Hello Dear traveler from Far Far Away,

It is apparent that you have stumbled across this blog and having been (hopefully !) enamored by the sheer quality of work at display here, wanted to know more about the author at work here (Yeah, Modesty doesn't really appeal to me). So here goes, your Introduction to the Almighty Author.

I am Payoj Gupta, a recently graduated Mechanical Engineer from National Institute of Technology-Surat, and currently working as an Engineer at a MNC.

Ok. Now, lets go beneath the superficial stuff.

It is difficult to have an unbiased view of oneself. As much as one likes to believe that they are so very nice, considerate, and a good person overall, they can not really know for sure. But the very fact that one wants to be good, to help others, speaks volumes of their character. I believe I am that kind of a person. I hope that I am doing something good in the larger scheme of things.

I am a bit philosophical, but I tend to mask that trait behind humor because people generally don't take well to my type, what with our seemingly constant need to dole out rivers of wisdom.

No. I mask this creative side, behind simple, funny stories about ordinary people (the central character generally turning out to be me).Because however old one may grow, the innocence of learning from stories, just like our parents told us when we were little, that innocence lives on within all of us.

And that's why I write stories instead. I honestly don't know what you will take away from them, but I like to believe that something shall definitely change inside you on a sub-conscious level.

Since I have a tremendous insight into myself, and being neutral and all, I have come to diagnose myself as an egotist. Not the regular kind, I do not brag about achievements, I try to be modest about them, but I am actually obsessed with myself. That will be reflected in the fact that, I star in almost all of my stories, as a Hero, the Villain, or simply a by-stander.

Okay, I can't think of anything else.

Just a request, if you like or hate something here, kindly leave a comment. For my kind, feedback, good or bad  is the most relished commodity in an otherwise ordinary day.

Having said that, Enjoy the blog!