The Incidental Criminal Series

The Incidental Criminal Series, is perhaps the best of all that I have written in the last two years, and as such is very close to my heart. This series, though started off as a one-off piece, inspired me and continues to do so, in searching for new avenues in order to evolve myself into a better writer and story-teller. 

The series holds tremendous sentimental value. Some of the stories were written when I was neck-deep in work, studying Velocity triangles in Turbines, various Refrigeration cycles, Machine Design and so on, for my engineering exams; sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night, and start writing them as a draft message in my mobile, or simply sitting on my workstation in the office in the Lunch breaks.

In a nutshell, for quite some time, this series has represented whatever small excitement I have in my rather routine and monotonous life.

This page, thus, is dedicated to The Incidental Criminal and its associated stories.

The Incidental Criminal : The very first encounter of Payoj Gupta with the Mosquit Nation.

The Incidental Criminal Part II - The Universe  : Crisis Management in the Mosquit nation.

How the Lizards made an enemy out of me ... : A first person narrative from Payoj Gupta on his history with the Lizard Kingdom.

The Incidental Criminal Part III : A tribute to the Father of the Nation Mosquit style!!!

The Incidental Criminal Part IV - Agent Red Alpha : The Mosquito nation sends its own version of James Bond on a spy mission to elimiante the state's enemy.

The Incidental Criminal Part V - King Monty the Sixth : The King takes control of the nation in its moment of crisis.

The Incidental Criminal Part VI - The Common Enemy : The Lizards and Mosquitoes unite against the common enemy... 

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